Lefty Pencils (6 Pencil Set)

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We know what it's like to go through life feeling left out and left behind. That's why we've developed a line of cute graphite pencils specifically for the millions of left-handers out there. Ordinary pencils are not made with left-handed writers in mind, making it hard to read the engraving on them. Not anymore! These are made specifically for left handed people, and any pen or pencil in our shop can be made for left handed writers too.

These pencils say:

this pencil is for lefties

I'm left handed, what's your superpower?

Left handed, right minded

I <3 being left handed

proud southpaw

I'm always right

USA made, engraved by us!
Standard lead. #2
Not sharpened.

Spoil a left handed writer, give them pencils by The Carbon Crusader!