Oh hell no BACON BROWN ( 6 pencil set )

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Has your boss, team mate, or coworker taken to asking you to do everything in your position description and also their own, and possibly even the job of the underling who usually gets the coffee? Feeling spread too thin, but also like you cannot exactly say NO because Team Work is a Thing? Your pencils understand. They will make you laugh when everyone else is being obnoxious, demanding, and making you want to throw a table while saying some choice words they will not soon forget. Laughter is medicine for your mood. Let the humor in your office supplies keep you positive when the rest of the world is making your wagon drag.

the pencils have been engraved with the following phrase:


#2 lead

Brown pencil body

Engraved in USA

Measures 7.5"

Not sharpened

Got a friend with a crappy job who could use a laugh? Send them to The Carbon Crusader, we increase the peace!