I can do all things through spite, which strengthens me (Pen with Smart Phone Stylus)

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I would love to sit here and try to tell you that all of my best accomplishments in life were fueled by a sense of love and peace, light, and understanding, but then I would be lying and since we’re all friends here, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret:  most of my greatest successes in life are fueled by a sense of vengeance towards other people.

Being completely sick and tired of their crap, irritated by the fact that they seem to think they have to put me down in order to elevate themselves, or that sabotaging my success is somehow the same thing as personal success within their own lives, I have pulled in all of my energy and accomplished many things that I did not think were possible, and I’m still going, just to piss them off some more.

don’t get me wrong, love light and happiness can take you far, but when you wanna go the extra mile, sometimes you have to leverage your darkness.


this pen says:  



Pen contains black ink

stylus end means cleaner screens!

twist open/shut

features a clip so you can wear it for a subtle hint to others


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