Fuck work personalized pencils in gold ( 6 Pencil Set )

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While it can be an awful lot of fun to hustle and get paid, there are times when it is a genuine pain in the ass. If it's not the work itself, it could be a moronic coworker or boss, or petty power struggles that take the attention away from genuine productivity, and produce energy wasting DRAMA. These are the times you must breathe, pause, and remind yourself quitting on the spot or hot gluing bagels to your coworker's seats is not actually conducive to your goals. (Though it is fun to imagine.) These fuck work pencils will keep you laughing when office mates and coworkers make working with them a chore.

The following pencils have been engraved with the phrase:


#2 lead
gold pencil body
Engraved in USA
Measures 7.5”
Not sharpened

Remember humor makes everything better! Use pencils by The Carbon Crusader!

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