80s notalgia pencils super set (18 Pencil Set)

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for those of us who LOVED the 80s, this pencil set celebrates the best of the 80s.

You will receive 3 sets of 6 pencils reading:

Jareth's Labyrinth pencils:

one of us always lies

it's a piece of cake

don't lose your head!

tra la la

you have no power over me

it's only forever

Westley and Buttercup pencils:

as you wish


westley + buttercup

prepare to die

queen of putrescence

anybody want a peanut

Moonchild pencils:


We are allergic to youth

I will do what I dream

in the beginning, it's always dark

never give up & good luck will find you

to the winch, wench

#2 lead
Black pencil body
Engraved in USA
Measures 7.5”
Not sharpened

Sent to you wrapped in sealed cello, in a padded envelope.

Inspire a someone to greatness... Give them The Carbon Crusader pencils!