Spoil A CPA set (two 6 Pencil Sets, two pens)

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This set was inspired by a treasured friend who is an accountant. She singlehandedly taught me to look forward to tax season and not dread the process. (Yes, really! She is an angel!)

These pencils read:

don’t lose your balance!

trust me, I’m a CPA

spreadsheets are sexy

mind the gaap

tax manian devil

working my assets off

be audit you can be

badass bean counter

I'm an accountant, not a magician

it's accrual world

These pens read:

be audit you can be

it's accrual world



pencils are

#2 lead
Engraved in USA
Measures 7.5”
Not sharpened

Sent to you wrapped in sealed cello, in a padded envelope.


Keep on the path to your own fulfillment... write with pencils by The Carbon Crusader!