Make today magical hot pink pen (Pen with Smart Phone Stylus)

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Each day we get a clean slate to incorporate a little happiness into our lives. Sometimes that seems like a lot of pressure, but if you keep it really simple, each day can (and often does) have tiny moments of what can only be described as real pure magic: that first cup of coffee or tea in the morning; seeing a loved one sleeping quietly or padding drowsily to the kitchen; making a coworker laugh wildly; seeing the sun slowly going down on your drive home. And then the little things that you can do that add to the magic, like writing affirmations, going to yoga or tai chi, or meeting with a friend. Little moments of bliss that you pencil into your schedule simply because they make you happy!

The following pen reads:


Twist open/closed

Stylus end means cleaner screens!

Clip allows you to wear this pen as a fancy accessory

Black ink inside

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