You're a tough act to follow, and the void you create when you depart situations that aren't working for you cannot be filled by just anyone. You know that. We know that. Anyone who met you knows that. But certain people will miss you and immediately try to fill that space with the first thing that comes along, which rarely works out well and certainly won't make you jealous (nice try though, lol). For those former employers, friends, or exes who immediately downgraded after losing you, we have created the following card.


The card reads:


Well… There was only one way to go after losing me ...way way waaaaaaaaay down.


Card measures 5" by 7" with ample space for writing it out
75lb recycled Kraft paper.
Mailed in cello wrap, padded with cardboard to prevent bending.
Envelope included.


No more boring cards! Shop the Carbon Crusader!

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