These pencils are engraved with the following quotes:


You go, Glenn Coco!
That's so fetch
You're like, really pretty.
Boo, you whore!
I know, right?

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Better than peppermint foot cream on your face!

Lil N. McGill on 10th May 2014

Great product! I was thrilled to get a product I can use in my depressing cubicle with the words, "Boo, you whore" on it. LOVE IT. Seriously, I love this set so much, it makes me want to set something on fire.

Love me some Mean Girls!

lmc on 29th Oct 2013

My daughters and I love this movie and now I have our favorite quotes at my fingers... Pretty in Pink as well. Love them!

They are so Fetch!

MKB on 16th May 2013

Pretty in silver and makes me laugh! This store owner is very clever and all the pencils come well wrapped! So cute!