Now you can custom orange pen with your favorite phrase or fancy new job title! Perfect for those times when you need something a little more permanent to sign documents or really get into your magazine altered art doodles (mustaches for everyone!). These pens make an excellent gift for friends and family members who have a fancy new job title, a new personal name, or who like funny and unique office supplies. No more boring pens!



Pen has an orange body

Black ink inside

Features clip, stylus and twist open/close

Quote length max is about 33, including spaces. If you require a little longer, your phrase will be rendered in a smaller font.


Let your world reflect you... create your own pens and pencils at The Carbon Crusader!


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Great working pen

Angela G on 7th Jul 2014

I ordered this pen with my own saying on it and they picked the color for me which was nice. I plan to order more. I like the fact that its black ink.