Wonderful experiences with amazing people... aka reasons I love Confetti Market HTX

Posted by Yvy Yvette on 18th Jun 2018

This post is a over a month in the making, as there have been massive changes since this event took place (and I got sick for a month eeek), and I am super excited to finally write about my wonderful experience vending at Confetti Market.

I first heard of Confetti a few days before Cinco de Mayo, and I had a serious case of FOMO thinking to myself "I wish I would've heard of this so I could have applied." The very next day, I was contacted by the lovely Yesenia and accepted to vend! Talk about an instant manifestation! I was super excited to figure out how to prepare--I haven't vended in person since 2012... and I only did it once. But who is gonna say NO to doing something they wished for? Not me, kids.

So I went for it. I said yes and showed up and was blown away. Not only was Yesenia super friendly, professional and cool, the event location was GORGEOUS and I was able to meet wonderful vendors, which blew my mind. So many makers are out there killing it, and I was inspired by the creativity around me. 

I met the creative and friendly Violette of Violette's Delights... who makes glorious cakes that I seriously do not understand the HOW but I do understand the YES PLEASE. Snapped a pic on the sneak of this divine churro cake. She makes amazing occasional and seasonal cakes, and they look as good as they taste... check her out yall! 

IG @violettesdelights

I also got to meet Trang of T.L. Creations, who creates hand lettered calligraphy cards, home decor, and mugs. I loved her table set up and super professional, pretty, and feminine offerings. You'll definitely want to check her out on IG @t.l.creations. She does events, weddings... and also knows all the best places in Houston to eat, no exaggeration. If you're local or visiting Houston, check out her food IG too @trangle_htx. I really enjoyed her friendly vibe, she's super warm!

I also got to meet Pareesha of The Pink Swan Shop, who curates a beautiful line of clothing, shoes, and accessories that will empower you to look your best and celebrate your individuality! Best yet, she vends locally, and you can shop in person or online to your heart's content. If you're a vendor also, she is super friendly to talk to and her work ethic is amazing. Also... she does all the photography herself, her talent is no joke, my friends. IG @thepinkswanshop

Here's my booth! I wanted to create a pencil bar that would enable people to buy packs of six or create their own. It was so awesome seeing the reactions to the quotes, especially the swear words. There were many many laughs, which I never get to see when I sell online. I loved that, and I loved talking to and meeting people in person. FABULOUS experience, in so many ways. To all of those who shopped with me, thank you so much, or even if you simply stopped by to say hi: thank you! It is always jittery stepping into unknown territory and this was the perfect way to do it. I met so many awesome people from the staff to the vendors to the buyers!

These are just a small selection of the amazing vendors I was able to meet @confettimarkethtx! If you want to support local vendors who are amazing people in Houston, this is a great place to start. Keep your eyes on Confetti, they are on to something special! Thank you Yesenia and Co for making me feel so welcomed! It was totally  magical. 



not pictured, but definitely on my radar:

@smokepointfoods Smoke Point Foods no exaggerating, delicious salsa, absolutely wonderful, I am still kicking myself for not buying 17 jars. 

amazing shirts by cake pop creatrix Angel of @crumble_and_co_designs and @crumble_and_co

the awesome, gorgeous, talented bloggers of @makingfetchhappen_ Not enough words to say, I was very happy to meet those ladies Lorena and Priscila. Cannot wait to see what they do next!