About Us

You should put that on a pencil!

The Carbon Crusader began from a lifelong enthusiasm, passion, and love of words and the thoughts they express. Growing up, Yvy didn't often say what she was thinking, preferring to put most ideas to paper and avoid a confrontation, filling many notebooks with observations, retorts, and imagined conversations, always with a trusted #2 pencil. Frustrated with trying to find inspiring pencils that were also manufactured in the USA, Yvy decided to turn her passion into a career.

That's when The Carbon Crusader began. 

With The Carbon Crusader, Yvy became obsessed with giving her customers three things: quality, freedom, and humor. The majority of custom/engraved pencils available on the market are made in China, and they are processed by companies that do not allow totally free speech (swears). She wanted her customers to have a place to laugh, a place where they could say whatever they want on products they commission, and have quality USA made goods available in a variety of colors. And, a place where left handed people could get pencils engraved that they could read, too. (She's a lefty.)

All of this pencil creating naturally lead to a lot of writing, and she wanted to try sharing her thoughts on a button and eventually greeting cards. Not sure her ideas would find an audience, she made sure her quality, at least, would be clean, professional, and consistent. To her surprise, people found the same stuff she finds amusing funny, the same frustrations frustrating and the response was overwhelmingly positive. She knows she's doing something right when her mom says "you should put that on a pencil!" or her friends use her own material against her in a teasing match. 

The Carbon Crusader is run out of a small office overlooking the Galleria in Houston Tx.